Tabliss is not my homepage in Firefox anymore

While many people enjoyed being greeted by Tabliss when they open Firefox, others wanted to keep their own homepage. The compromise of this is Tabliss no longer controls your homepage in Firefox, but instead provides instructions to enjoy Tabliss as your homepage, if you prefer.

To return Tabliss to your homepage:

  1. Open the Tabliss settings
  2. Select "Open Tabliss when Firefox starts"
  3. Copy the URL provided (it will be unique to your browser)
  4. Paste this URL into Firefox's homepage setting as a Custom URL
  5. Enjoy being greeted by Tabliss once more!

Tabliss does not save my settings

Since Tabliss stores your setting within your browser, some browser options and extensions can inadvertenly clear your Tabliss settings.

A known problem is the "Never save history" setting in Firefox that always run Firefox in privacy mode. This will prevent Tabliss from retaining your settings. We are aware this isn't ideal and are looking for a solution to resolve this in the future. In the meantime, you can select "Use custom settings for history" and select all options other than "Always use private mode".

Tabliss is always just a black background

Try selecting "Reset to default" from the settings menu and refresh the page. If that does not work (or you cannot open the settings menu) try the next item.

Tabliss is just a black background and I cannot open settings

Welp, time to do a hard reset! Occasionally some strange edge cases I did not consider when building Tabliss come up and corrupt the internal data store. To fix this we will need to clear this broken internal data store.

  1. Open your browser's developer tools (right clicking the page and selecting "Inspect" usually works)
  2. Go to the "Storage" tab on Firefox or the "Application" tab on Chrome
  3. Expand "Indexed DB", right click the "tabliss" database, and select "Delete"
  4. Refresh your page and all should be working again!

Can I use Google Fonts in Tabliss?

Yes you can! Follow the steps below:

  1. Find your favourite Google Font
  2. Press "Select this font" and open the embed popup at the bottom
  3. Under Embed Fonts, copy the
    embed line (not the
    lines, just the
  4. In Tabliss, add the "Custom CSS" widget and paste the embed line in the text box
  5. Back in Google Fonts, copy the font name from the Specify in CSS section
  6. Back in Tabliss, paste the font name in the Font Settings widget under Family
  7. Enjoy Tabliss in your font!

Still have an issue?

Contact us at and we will help you best we can.